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Invitation to New Road Residents

Ladies and Gentlemen, whilst I appreciate that some of you feel strongly about potential development around New Road, you will also know that there are precious few places for development to go and that the SG has diligently tried to find a workable solution that is a balance between the needs of the community and those living close to sites. Site 27 is not a brown site and is in the open countryside we all wish to preserve. I suggest that now might be the time to start supporting the proposals

Posted by: Peter Boros | 31/01/2018 2:54 pm

I and others on the SG would be more than happy to meet and discuss things but it is hard to see a way forwards when certain things are off the table before one starts any discussion.
Everyone has my details if you feel a discussion would be helpful. Peter

Posted by: Peter Boros | 20/02/2018 1:05 pm

Joanne, The Steering Group want the best for the whole community whereas there is a single purpose group of people who are determined to not allow the community to even make a decision. Providing information to a group who simply use that information for that one purpose does not really help matters particularly when people are not even prepared to listen to points as at the recent PC meeting. Incorrect information is still in place and the group takes useful info but ignores unhelpful inf. MORE

Posted by: Peter Boros | 20/02/2018 1:01 pm

If the NP steering grp would openly share information used to discount all the other 'potential sites' then an open fair discussion could be had and you would see that we are aiding the NP devt process. Until that occurs it seems obvious that concerned residents will do all they can to ensure the best options are chosen, not the least worse as often quoted by the NP team. Once in an NP there will be no opportunity for comment/planning input. Hence there is no choice but to raise issues now.

Posted by: Joanne Stone | 20/02/2018 12:21 pm

Ray, many thanks for the feedback. The SG is entirely happy for the whole community to judge what is the preferred route to take. What is more worrying is the desire for some to remove that ability via requests of the PC. The process is designed to be democratic and inclusive hence why we ask that people view the entirety of the proposals and the supporting evidence base when it is ready. You will know from last night that there is still a fair bit to be done to get to that point.

Posted by: Peter Boros | 06/02/2018 2:59 pm

You are mistaken in thinking that it is just some New Rd residents that are concerned about proposed developments there. Presently 51 people from different parts of the village have said that they share that concern. No doubt they will support the NP proposals when they feel that they are appropriate.

Posted by: Ray Wild | 06/02/2018 2:04 pm

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You are here:    Forum - Neighbourhood Plan - Invitation to New Road Residents