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Rosemary Club

The Rosemary Club was formed 31 years ago, the aim being to provide friendship for those who had reached retirement age, and especially for those who found themselves alone.  Since then it has flourished and the club now meets on the second and fourth Wednesday from 1-3pm in Shiplake Memorial Hall. Members come from Henley and Binfield Heath as well as Shiplake.

The emphasis is on companionship and activities and there is plenty of laughter and fun.   For those who are able, including those with wheelchairs, we enjoy one coach outing a year and sometimes trips to the Kenton theatre occasionally as well as a Christmas lunch and often a summer party.  The club is supported financially by Councils, other local groups and individuals. 

The Club relies heavily on volunteer drivers who pick up members and bring them to meetings and to speakers who give their time, often without payment.  If you would like to join or are interested in helping in some way, please contact Sharon.  New members and helpers are always welcome.

We organise a programme of events/activities for each twice monthly meeting (we do not meet in August).

Contact: Sharon King email sking01@talktalk.net  0118 940 1317