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Local transport

Shiplake is well served by public transport.


Arriva operates the 800 service running twice an hour between Reading and High Wycombe.  From the top of Station Road, Monday to Friday, the last bus to Henley is at 20.38 and the last bus to Reading is at 19.24.  Slightly earlier at weekends.

Thames Travel operate the X38 service running hourly between Reading and Oxford. From the top of Station Road, Monday to Friday, the last bus to Henley is at 20.38 and the last bus to Reading is at 19.42. 

(Timetable information correct as of September 2019)


Shiplake station lies on the line from Henley to Twyford.  Trains run every 30 minutes during the day. Change at Twyford for trains to and from London Paddington and Reading. Timetable

Airport Connection

Railair operate three services per hour between Reading Station and Heathrow.   Timetable

Road Closure


Residents will want to know that the A4155 will be closed at Tower House on the dates/times shown above. There will be extensive diversion signage across a wide local area.  David Bartholomew (OCC & District Councillor) is trying to get 'Resident Access Only' signs for Mill Lane and Station road to prevent ‘rat-running’ through the village by normal A4155 traffic. This closure has been imposed by Thames Water in the face of strong resistance from OCC officers.

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Flights over SE England



Watch this extraordinary new simulation that shows how all of us have aircraft flying over our homes all the time. Its been produced by Air traffic controllers at Swanwick near Fareham. Our transport correspondent Paul Clifton talks us through something no-one has seen before

Posted by BBC South Today on Thursday, 9 July 2015

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Henley Handibus


How many people know about the The Henley Handibus, which operates in Henley and out to Shiplake and other local villages? Read on …it may be something that those who are restricted somewhat in their mobility could take advantage of. What is it and what does it do?

The Handibus is a service provided by a charity formed some 30 years ago, with the remit to provide transport to people who perhaps do not have transport and would find it difficult to get out and about; it collects people from their front door! In the main it carries people who are elderly or have limited mobility. Those with bus passes travel free and those who do not, and there are very few of these, pay a small sum.

Additional services can be paid for, for instance groups visiting a restaurant or the theatre: for instance, on November 1st taking a group from the Rosemary Club in Shiplake to the Kenton Theatre.

The bus has regular runs. A number of these are to and from the Henley Over 60's Club, where they may have lunch, play bingo or ‘line dance’ and meet their pals. There are also shopping runs to Tesco and Waitrose and a shopping trip to Reading on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Passengers are collected in Shiplake regularly and more could be accommodated. If you or someone else you may know in the community could benefit from this service please make sure you they know and you/they take advantage of this service.

Any questions on when the service operates of how to use it, please contact Phil Perry on 07710 132740 or via email at post.perry@gmail.com.

Phil Perry, Chairman, Henley Handibus

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Community transport serving Shiplake

The 'Community Transport Directory' published by the ORCC (Oxfordshire Rural Community Council) includes details of schemes for Shiplake residents who have limited mobility. 

See Page 16 for details of the Henley Handibus and the Henley Volunteer Bureau and page 26 for information about Sonning Common based FISH.

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