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Shiplake Villages Plan

Under the auspices of Shiplake Parish Council but undertaken by an independent Steering Group, the Shiplake Villages Plan (SVP) was initiated in the Autumn of 2012, in order to identify the views and wishes of all residents on local matters and to develop plans to address isssues raised.

Two different surveys were undertaken, the results analysed and action plans developed. The SVP Report* summarises the progress made in less than 18 months and what is recommended for the future.

Individual sections of the report are available for download on the relevant pages in this part of the website.

The whole report can be downloaded by clicking on the following link (Note - this is a large file and may take some time to download.)

Shiplake Villages Report 2014 (14MB)

Reports on progress of the action plans are reported on a quarterly basis via the SVP Action Plans, Newletter and other relevant sections of this website.

*Note the copyright of all contents of this report, including illustrations and pictures, belongs to the originators of the material.

The above photo shows a reproduction of a watercolour by Janet Duncan on the front cover of the report.

Shiplake Villages Plan Congratulations from SODC


Hear more about what is happening at the APM on May 1st!

Ann Ducker, Leader of the SODC Council, has congratulated Dennis Oliver and the Steering Committee, saying the plan 'is clearly written and demonstrates that you have a very engaged community that is keen to improve the area in which they live. The action plan is very well set out with detailed and realistic actions for addressing the issues.........and is an excellent example of a good plan'. There were other comments from SODC staff* saying 'it is an impressive piece of work....this community-led plan made us smile! 

We looking forward to bringing everybody uptodate with developments at the Annual Parish Meeting (APM) on 1st May at the Memorial Hall. Don't miss it! 

*Offers of assistance from SODC have been provided in relation to our action plans, with follow up already taking place in a number of areas.

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SVP Section Enhanced & Thanks to Volunteers


Over 50 of the volunteers who made it possible to deliver the Shiplake Villages Report were thanked for all their efforts by Dennis Oliver and Tudor Taylor at Shiplake College's Pavilion on 28/2. As the photo shows there was also a lot of interest in the new website, particularly how registering on the site makes such a difference to knowing what is happening in the parish....see the link below to find out more.
Also note that the SVP Section of the website has been extended to include all aspects of the Shiplake Villages Report, including details of Action Plans to address the issues raised. Take a look....updates to the Shiplake Villages Plan (SVP) will be featured in this section of the website.  Registering your areas of interest makes sure you are notified as new events are added to the website.

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Shiplake Village Plan Report


The report stage of the Shiplake Villages Plan (SVP) is now complete. The next stage is to take the report and endeavour to fully implement its recommendations as summarised in its Action Plans.

Enormous thanks are due to the many, many volunteers across the villages, who delivered and collected the surveys, analysed the responses, developed the action plans, provided artwork or photographs and produced the report. Certainly it has been an activity that has encapsulated the views of and is based on efforts across the whole community.

The Parish Council, ORCC, SODC and OCC have also provided timely and valuable support and guidance throughout the project.

What comes next? Already progress is being made on the initiatives outlined in the report on which you will be able to get updates via the new parish website.

You will have an opportunity to hear more and ask questions about the Villages Plan at this year’s Annual Parish Meeting on May 1st (TBC) at the Memorial Hall.

Our thanks to everyone for continuing to be involved.

Dennis Oliver – Chairman, SVP Steering Group 

Article created / last edited: 10 March 2014