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Shiplake CE Primary School - The small school with big ambitions!


Our purpose is to lead, develop, inspire and educate all our young community.
We welcome everyone!

The School’s ethos and values of ‘mutual respect, good behaviour and high academic standards within a Christian and moral culture’ are borne out in all aspects of your work. Consequently, pupils are highly motivated, keen to learn and achieve well.

OFSTED 2016, Good

Explicit Christian values, understood and used by everyone create a successful learning environment in which children are nurtured in their academic and personal development. The headteacher, governors and staff have a passionate commitment to continually develop the Christian character of the school.

SIAMS Inspection (Statutory Inspection for Anglican and Methodist Schools) 2016, ‘Outstanding’.


Shiplake Primary Snowdrops for Snowdrop Sunday ( 16 Feb )

Children at Shiplake CE Primary have been very busy making pictures and poems for Snow Drop Sunday tomorrow. 

There’s some very eloquent and lyrical writing,  and a brilliant mix of materials were used to make collages, as well as a model of the snowdrops themselves.  All their work (and there’s lots more) will be displayed at All Saints Church in Dunsden ( @dioceseofoxford) for Snowdrop Sunday. The Church is open from 10am to 5pm and the Snowdrop Morning Service is at 11am.

Don’t let Storm Dennis put you off. 

Article created / last edited: 18 February 2020

Year 5 at Shiplake CE Primary sing in one of the biggest choirs in the world at Wembley !

On Friday night ( Friday 7th Feb) Year 5 pupils at Shiplake Primary School took part in Young Voices – one of the largest school concerts in the world. They got the opportunity to sing with 7 thousand others along with professional musicians at Wembley SSE Arena. It inspires in children a love of music as well as the opportunity to sing and be sung too my talented artists and musicians. This  year they were joined by Tony Hadley, The Shires and Ruti winner of the voice 2018. The children rehearsed most of the afternoon before their parents come to watch them, when the show began at 7pm. Many Shiplake Primary parents said they found the experience ‘ exciting’ and an ‘ emotional experience’ and thanked the school for giving them the opportunity to take part.  Not many children can say they’ve played Wembley by the time they are 10! 

Article created / last edited: 10 February 2020

Spring cleaning at Shiplake CE Primary School

There has been some serious spring cleaning of the playground over the weekend. ( No need to call upon the services of Mrs Hinch here). And all over school signs of spring are beginning to appear. It's making us all feel a lot, lot happier. 

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Sprouts lose out on the Christmas dinner table !

The results of the Sprout Election could be seen on the Christmas dinner table at Shiplake CE Primary School lunch. Guess who won by a small majority? The Anti Sprout league. For those keen on the numbers, The votes were 81 to 73. The Pro-Sprout Bureau supporters took it well and the green vegetables were still available to those who wanted them. But look at all these sprout free happy faces. A clean campaign was fought, there was no lies told, this is true democracy in action. Politicians take note.

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The real Postmistress of Shiplake gives her approval to School Post Office.

The Reception Children at Shiplake CE Primary School have been very busy this week turning their classsroom into a Post Office.

They've been learning all about the Postal Service and the journey letters take ( or should take) to get from A to B. Carol Harvey, kindly gave her approval to their role play area. She'd have loved to pop in but for the huge queues snaking through the shop at this busy time of year. 

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Do you love them or hate them? Shiplake CE School votes !!

Forget Brexit and the General Election there’s only one vote that matters in this school.

Love them or hate them? Pupils will vote to decide their fate to see if they keep their place on the school Christmas dinner plate.


This week in school we've been preparing for our sprout election which will take place on December 17th.

And, in a still life masterclass, the school’s Art Teacher Mrs Watt has been asking the children to make their own drawings for a competition. Here's a sneak preview of Year 4's offerings.
It’s all part of a cunning plan by Miss Watt to ensure pupils understand the power of their vote and the fact that in times past many people (women for example) didn’t have a vote. Now that’s what we call creative learning.

Article created / last edited: 6 January 2020