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Road Maintenance

Road maintenance is an ongoing  issue, particularly in these times of restricted budgets. Not surpisingly it was identified as the No. 1 issue for the villages and the surrounding areas. Finances may be scarce but actions can be taken to improve the situation. An Action Plan has been proposed covering road and pavement surfaces, gully and ditch maintenance and traffic and road sign repair and maintenance. Follow activities through this section of the website; volunteer to help by email: svpvolunteer@shiplakevillages.com.

Binfield Heath 24 Hour Road Closure 3rd-7th Feb.



24 hour Road Closure: Binfield Heath, Road between Dunsden Green and Arch Hill  

Access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles and for those frontages within the closure area, subject to the progress of the works and liaison with the works supervisor.

Click on the link  http://www.binfieldheath.org.uk  to view a  copy of the drawing on the Binfield Heath website, which shows the extent of the closure and also the alternative routes for traffic. This closure will affect everyone who uses buses and coaches along Dunsden Way, as well as car drivers.


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Fixing 'Potholes' - Can You Help?


Everybody knows the public roads in Shiplake are in a terrible state due to bad weather and insufficient funds to repair them.  Can we change that? 

OCC want to respond sooner than is happening currently - Category 1 'serious' road damage should be fixed in 24 hours, Category 2 within 28 days and Category 3 as part of the normal programme of maintenance. it does not seem to reflect what we are experiencing in Station Rd, Mill Road, Memorial Avenue etc?

OCC has asked the PC if we wish to take part in a trial of a new initiative  - FixMyStreet 'SuperUsers'. This requires 2, perhaps 3, residents to be briefed/trained  by OCC to then allow them to report major faults and liaise directly with the contractors to get issues fixed quickly.  

The parish council has to be involved and I have volunteered to cover Lower Shiplake. We need volunteers, particularly from Shiplake Cross. Please respond via: feedback@shiplakevillages.com and I will be in contact.  

David Pheasant - Shiplake pc  

Note: Everybody should report 'potholes' asap via the 'FixMyStreet' link on the villages website. This initiative will not change that. We need to know where the potholes are. 

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A4155 Henley Road (Flowing Spring) Closure Dates


The remedial works start on 21/8 with the current one direction traffic light system AND full closure beginning 29/8. The works are scheduled to take 10 WEEKS to complete.

Click on links below for addtional information:

A4155 letter to residents

A4155 Scheme Overview

A4155 Closure Layout

Please plan your journeys accordingly. 

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Road Maintenance


Access the SVP  Road Maintenance section of the report by clicking on the link below:

Road Maintenance

More information on Action Plans to improve road maintenance is contained in the SVP Report, which can accessed by clicking on the link below:

Road Maintenance Action Plan

All Action Plans and Quarterly Updates are provided in the SVP Action Plans & Updates Section of the website

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