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About the Villages

Shiplake is a parish comprising of two villages of approximately 630 homes located in South Oxfordshire, two miles south of Henley on Thames. It extends from the banks of the river Thames across the A4155 up to its boundaries with Binfield Heath Parish and Harpsden Parish.

The oldest part of the parish is the village of Shiplake Cross close to the 800 year old parish church of St Peter & Paul, Shiplake College, the local primary school and the Plowden Arms pub. The majority of homes are however located at the other end of the parish close to the railway station, corner shop, butcher, garage and Baskerville Arms pub which is known as the village of Lower Shiplake.

Map of Shiplake parish

Shiplake parish 

This map was embroidered by members of the Shiplake WI.  It hangs in the Memorial Hall.

Article created / last edited: 5 January 2014