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Liaising with the Local Police Force

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary organisation in the UK.  It is run by volunteers in the community and is the best known and most effective example of the police and community working in partnership to reduce crime, build safer communities and improve quality of life.  Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives ever undertaken.

Neighbourhood Watch is encouraging all residents to review the security of their homes, including door locks, window locks, garage and shed doors, as well as keeping cars locked and their keys out of easy reach.  Additionally, please keep an extra look out for any elderly or vulnerable residents who may be targets for distraction burglars or bogus callers.  

Each month the Council receives a report on incidences and crime in the Parish and surrounding area, as reported in the Parish Council minutes. Periodically the local police hold 'meet the residents' sessions in Lower shiplake, generally centred around the Corner Shop. Notification of these sessions is generally via the Council Minutes, the Parish Notice Boards and via this website.

The local contact details are: 

You can contact the Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

For dates and times of the monthly PCSO Surgery outside the Lower Shiplake Corner Shop please consult the Thames Valley Police neighbourhood website:www.thamesvalley.police.uk  

Your Parish Council contact is: Geoff Thomas 

Your Police Community Support Officer (Henley Sector) is: Michael Rawnsley

Multiple Burglaries In Henley and Surrounding Rural Areas


FYI: Thames Valley Police is issuing advice to residents following multiple burglaries where jewellery and high value items have been targeted in Henley and the surrounding rural areas.

Over the last month, seven burglaries have been committed during daytime hours at properties in Nettlebed, Sonning Common, Kidmore End, Highmoor and Dunsden Green. These are being investigated as linked.

Houses are being targeted for jewellery and high value goods such as handbags and shoes.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Francesca Jarvis, based at Abingdon police station, said: “This burglary series is understandably concerning for the local community and my team is conducting a thorough investigation to identify those responsible.

“I believe offenders are using the B481 road as a main thoroughfare to access properties in the area.

“Residents are encouraged to continue to be our extra eyes and ears. If you see someone acting suspiciously or notice a suspicious vehicle in the area, please call Thames Valley Police on 101 or report online quoting reference 43190339224.”

To help reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglary, be sure to follow this advice:

- keep all valuables and keys out of sight and out of reach of doors and windows

- keep front and back doors locked, even when you’re at home

- install a burglar alarm with a visible alarm box

- install CCTV or a video doorbell camera

- install security lighting around your property

- lock side gates to prevent easy access to the rear of the property

- look out for your neighbours

For more crime prevention advice, please click here 

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Theft in Shiplake has been unusual in recent years but we are not immune to crime. Recent incidents  invoving nails purposely placed to damage tyres in the Shiplake Cross and Binfield Heath area are one aspect of this.  Thefts accompanied by serious damage to the cars have now been reported on the lane leading upto the church and College grounds nearer the river. In the past there have also been thefts from cars parked on Mill Lane on the approach to the locks.

The parish council is discussing with the school and will liaise with the  community policing  team to determine what preventative measures might be taken, not least possible lighting on the lane. 


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Telephone Fraud Scam


We are receiving lots of calls regarding residents, especially in the Henley area, being called by someone claiming to be an police officer from Scotland Yard. This officer then attempts to scam the victim out of money by claiming the victim’s bank is under investigation and they need the victim to withdraw money to then be handed over to police as it may be counterfeit.

Please know Police would never ask anyone to withdraw money as part of an investigation or ask you to purchase expensive items. Please pass this message on to elderly relatives or neighbours, as they are most at risk. 

Kind regards

C7860 Will Pomroy, PCSO

Henley Police Station, Greys Road, Henley On Thames.

Mob: 07971480982

Email: William.Pomroy@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk

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New PCSO & Scam emails


Please note some residents have received unsolicited emails related to invoices, one of which was apparently from O2. This may well be the result of someone's email account being compromised. Advice, as always, is not to respond to or click on any links in such emails and if someone feels their account may have been compromised then change your password asap.

A Warm Welcome to our new PCSO, Ruth Hands:

'I am the new PCSO For Shiplake/Henley and have been in contact with the school/Geoff Thomas from your local council and the local Corner Shop. I will be holding a meet and greet outside the corner shop on Wednesday (26/04/17) at 3:30pm and am keen to meet as many residents of Shiplake as possible. 

I will be holding them every month or so and in different location in Shiplake so will make sure you have plenty of notice once arranged. 


C6150 Ruth Hand, Police Community Support Officer, Henley On Thames'



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Message from your Henley Neighbourhood Sergeant


Click here to view the message and provide feedback to sergeant Tim Pavey. Recently there have been incidences of burglary in the Henley/Shipake area, so please take the opportunity to respond to the survey. 

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Distraction Burglary Crime Prevention Advice ++


Distraction burglary is not common but can be devastating when it happens. In Shiplake? Yes, on a personal level this was avoided in past couple of years by doing as advised in this attachment (cklick here), followed up by strong support from the local police.

Other news: The local police are reorganising aspects of their operations, which we hope means we will retain a PCSO, although he/she will likely be a Henley PCSO covering an enlarged patch, whilst our current PCSO Will Pomroy moves on to pastures new....we shall see?

Sonning police station - the last public police station in the area - is likely to close later in the year.

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Henley Police Newsletter - Thefts from Cars in Shiplake


The Henley Neighbourhood Policing Team are reminding residents to remove property from their parked vehicles following an increase of theft from vehicles in the Henley, and Shiplake areas. It is likely that these crimes have been committed by opportunist criminals, tempted by property left on display. If they see something inside a parked car it only takes a moment to smash a window and grab the property.

There has also been an increase in purse thefts in Henley town centre where offenders are particularly targeting people in shops. 

Click here and read about these and other police matters in the area.

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'Safe and Well' visits from Fire and Rescue Service


Not quite a Neighbourhood Watch item but importantly this  is a service just announced from the Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service...and it is FREE. and will help protect you and your home. 

Click here and find out what it covers including advice on immediate risks from falls, fire, flood  or power cuts along with advice which should help protect you from scams and doorstep crime.

You can also request a visit online at www.365alive.co.uk/safewellor call our Community Safety Helpline on 08000 325 999. If a loved one or friend would benefit from a visit please let them know about our Safe and Well visits.

Oxfordshire County Council Fire & Rescue Service

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Speeding Traffic & Aggressive Drivers


Residents have reported a potentially dangerous increase in the speed of drivers in Station Road, particularly at busy commuter train times. The parish council may well notify car park users of their concerns with leaflets on cars.  The first step to address the issue, with the help of our local PCSO, Will Pomroy, will be monitoring car speeds using a 'speed activation camera'.  This may well result in advice being given to drivers, alongside recommendations to the council on any future action we might have to take. 

All Shiplake residents should be fully aware of the dangers, particularly to children and the elderly, of travelling too fast on the village roads.  

Shiplake Parish Council

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Local Crime Update & Beware of Amazon Scam emails


There have been recent incidences of theft of a vehicle (Station Road), items from a vehicle in Mill Lane and a central heating boiler due for installation in the new houses on the corner of Mill Road/Station Road. Fortunately such incidences are infrequent in Shiplake but these, together with anecdotal references to suspicious cars in the villages, are a reminder to be more conscious  about security of property. There is a monthly report on local incidences in the parish council meeting minutes via the website and you can click here to view 'Henley Neighbourhood Policing - January 2017 for more information. If you see any suspicious activity, person or vehicles, simply call 101.

Also, many of us are users of Amazon. Click here to take note of the latest Amazon email scam with the critical advice that Amazon will not ask for financial details via an email. Such information should only be provided when using your account after securely logging into Amazon's website.

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Keep Secure When Travelling & On The Web


Family visits at Xmas mean travelling on motorways for many people. Should you stop at a service station CHECK that your car is locked after using your electronic key fob...it seems thieves are able to jam the signal and your car is not locked when you think it is!!

On the web, simple things will keep you safe. Click here to quickly check you are doing the RIGHT things and NOT the WRONG things in order to avoid the pitfalls of 'ransomeware' and keep the scammers at bay.   

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Amazon email Scammers Trick..Link to 'Credit Report' Removed


The end of the article circulated yesterday (23/11/2016) unintentionally included a live link to a site which provides financial services. Whilst such sites often provide good advice  WE DO NOT ENDORSE SUCH SITES OR THEIR LINKS. This link has now been removed. This was well spotted by a resident whose excellent advice is also provided below:

'This highlighted link (‘credit report’) is a link without any reference or qualification and leads to a third party site.  The company advertises and compares the services of various credit rating agencies. 

So far as I am aware any checking of a personal credit rating on one of these sites is a chargeable service. 

Your inclusion of this link might give some users the false impression that you endorse this as a way to prevent this type of scam.

The fact is that we should all regularly check our credit card statements to check on transactions.  Bank statements too but typically there accounts are more secure as they are not often used for online sales. 

Unless an individual is seeking a loan it is not necessary in the first instance to use a credit agency to check on possible fraud.'

Black Friday and especially Christmas is that time of year when lots of people shop online, particulary using Amazon. Email scammers try to con shoppers by pretending there's a problem shipping their order. Got an email from Amazon claiming that there’s a problem processing your order? It could well be a scam. Click here to see an example and great advice on WHAT TO AND WHAT NOT TO DO

THE GOLDEN RULE IS:you can tell if it’s a scam email by bringing your cursor over a hyperlink *without clicking*, then you will see the destination address.

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Nottingham Knockers...Police Advice


Have you had young men knocking on your door, introducing themselves as 'ex-prisoners' and looking to sell you houshold goods? Sadly, should you decline, they can become quite unpleasant and aggressive, particularly if you are a woman. Incidences have been reported recently by residents, one of whom felt it necessary to call the police on 101. Below is the advice given:

"You must, without any hesitation, call the police and not try to deal with the boy yourself". When suggested that was a bit drastic, the officer replied that he was trespassing and you have no idea what he might do. "He could have had a knife". They are called The Nottingham Knockers.

Check on Google and you will find it is a highly organized scam.  The boys are not 'ex- prisoners' and are simply dropped in a suitable area by a 'master' and left to choose houses that look appropriate.  Whatever one buys comes to £10.  You go and find your money.  You pay him and close the door.  The boy smells your £10 note.  If it is musty it is from a hidden stash.  If it is crisp it is also likely to be from a wad.  If it is crumpled, they do not bother to do anything but in the other two cases they write down your address.  The list is handed on to the 'master' and you could be burgled later.

Do not feel mean and guilty.  The police always want to know when they are in an area, so please do as instructed and call them straight away.

Article created / last edited: 22 November 2016

New PCSO & Parking at Primary School


After a few months with no representation, the good news is we welcome a new PCSO, Will Pomeroy, looking after local police matters in the area. He has already met with Geoff Thomas (SPC) to familarise himself with the villages and I am sure he will soon meet with many more residents.

At the same time, serious concerns have been raised regarding the safety of children and the parking of parents' vehicles on the zig zag and other no parking areas around the primary school. The parish councill asks ALL parents to be mindful of the dangers and NOT to park in such areas. We will be asking Will Pomeroy to provide guidance in this matter...hopefully it will not be necessary to issue any 'tickets'.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation in improving safety on our roads. 

Shiplake Parish Council

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Crown Prosecution Email: A New Scam!


Don’t be fooled by this Crown Prosecution Service court summons email – it’s a scam!

Action Fraud has issued a warning about scam emails claiming to be from the Crown Prosecution Service doing the rounds.

These messages state that you have to appear in court and instruct you to click on a link to view your start time/case details.

Don’t do it!

Action Fraud says clicking on the link is likely to lead to malware infecting your device.

Malware is malicious software that contains programmes that will disrupt your PC, laptops and handheld devices.

The malware can come in the form of spyware or keyloggers which collect personal information or data from infected devices. Things like passwords can be tracked and used to commit fraud.

In other cases, it could be ransomware that locks your computer or steals files. Criminals will then issue a demand for money to release your device or return the files.

Crooks plant malware in phishing emails and all it takes to infect a device is clicking the link. Action Fraud says reports of phishing emails has surged 135% since last year.

What the email looks like

Below is an example of what the fake court summons email looks like.

As you can see the email looks pretty convincing with the CPS logo and information telling you the court location.

However, the CPS says it would ‘never email witnesses in order to summons them to court.’

What to do if you get one

Action Fraud says the email has no connection to the CPS and anyone that receive the email should not download any attachments or click any links and instead report it.

You can report the scam email using the Action Fraud helpline on 0300 123 2040 or use the online fraud reporting tool.

Article created / last edited: 2 November 2016

New 'Neighbourhood Alert' website for scams


Unfortunately 'scams' are a modern day threat, which we reference on the website when a new one arises. Now, courtesy of the  Citizens Advice service, you can access a new website to keep you informed of new alerts, which are tailored to the local area. Click here for more details of how to register and take note of the free online email alert service:


Many thanks to Darius Halpern at our local advice centre for this update

Article created / last edited: 19 August 2016

Police & Crime Commissioner Wants Your Views


This Summer, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner is seeking views from the residents of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire on policing and crime.  This feedback will help inform the Police and Crime Plan which sets the priorities for Thames Valley Police for the next 5 years.

What concerns you about policing in your area?  What would you like Thames Valley Police to prioritise with regards to crime?  Have you been a victim of crime and would like to feedback your experience?  

To give your views, you can complete a short online survey at www.thamesvalley-pcc.gov.uk/survey.  It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete and will be open until Friday 30th September 2016. 

If you would like a copy of the survey posted to you, please contact the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner on 01865 846780

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Find out more about protecting yourself and your belongings....click here to find out how and save money doing so by contacting the local police.

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Police Query re Local Offences


‘’  The Henley Neighbourhood Team are currently investigating a series of offences involving locations across the area*. As a result of these enquiries, the Police have recovered a machete and a Trek mountain bike. However the investigating officers are unable at this time to find the owners of these items. Officers are asking for residents to check their property to see if they are missing any similar items. If anyone has any information reference this items, please can they contact the Henley Neighbourhood Team on the non-emergency 101 phone number.  ‘’
(* No related offences recorded in Shiplake but be aware).
Many thanks
Ashley Richardson
PCSO C8054- Henley Neighbourhood Policing team

Article created / last edited: 26 January 2016

Watch out Royal Mail parcel scam!


A new swathe of scam emails purporting to be from Royal Mail is doing the rounds. The official-looking emails claim that a package has been seized by HMRC upon arrival into the UK and that you need to declare them genuine so that they can be returned to you. All you need to do is click a link to a document.

Obviously DO NOT DO IT, click here to learn more...

Article created / last edited: 23 January 2016

Latest Scam...Abingdon residents hand over £25,000


The attached note from Thames Valley Police alerts everyone to the latest scam involving a variation of phone contact with the police, similar to that with banks....it can happen if you are not viliant....click here for details.   

Article created / last edited: 11 January 2016

Suspicious Males, Scams & Playground Drinkers!


The local police have reported two suspicious males were seen in the area of Shiplake; one stayed in a silver coloured car whilst the other called at a property asking the occupant whether they had any jewellery or watches for sale.

Please always check that a caller has identification. If you are unsure do not let them in. If in doubt please call the Police on 101.

Unfortunately, following the  incidence of damage to the new equipment in the Lower Shiplake playground in the summer, we now have late evening drinkers leaving bottles and other debris. All of this is anti-social behaviour and creates dangers for young children. It is felt likely that these incidences may caused by teenagers from the Shiplake area. Should you notice such behaviour then, again, call the Police on 101    

There appears to be a current scam should you contact Talk Talk* re internet connection issues. You may subsequently get a call back from someone (not Talk Talk) asking to help you out to fix probable viruses on your computer, laptop etc and asking you to temporarily disconnect any other phones (inc. mobiles) whilst they fix it. The caller apparently also needs to check out your account details at the same time. DO NOT DO THIS. Reported last week, an individual would have lost £4,000 from their account but for their bank calling them on their mobile to check out the validity of the transaction...it was stopped! (* This could, of course, apply to any service provider?)

Remember...call Police on 101 to report incidences. Alternatively if you have information but wish to remain anonymous, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

Article created / last edited: 15 December 2015

Rogue Traders - Information Request - Police Alert!


It is that time of year again when rogue traders plan and put their scams into action by targeting elderly and vulnerable members of our community.  Rogue traders purport to be legitimate companies and use persuasive pressurised selling techniques to convince people to have unnecessary work carried out on their property. 

Can you help?
Oxfordshire County Council Trading Standards are appealing for information from anyone who has been cold called recently or had a flyer put through their letterbox offering to carry out work for services such as gardening, home repairs, roofing, driveways or similar.
It may be that you know or have seen an elderly or vulnerable neighbour that is having or had work carried out at their property which is not required or something that does not look quite right!  If so, please help by contacting the Doorstep Crime Team as soon as possible so they can carry out intelligence checks on the company.
Please help by reporting any cold callers who have called at your property or posted a leaflet through your door. It is vital to report information as soon as possible as officers may be able to locate and check a trader’s details whilst they are still in the area.
When  providing information please try to give descriptions of suspects and details of their vehicle if they have one, including colour, make/model and a registration number, thank you.
Doorstep Crime Team Contact Details:
Telephone: 07711 117455
Email: tsinformation@oxfordshire.gov.uk
(Information received will be treated in the strictest confidence)

Article created / last edited: 21 September 2015

Thieves target tools from vehicles and outbuildings


Thames Valley Police advise residents to be extra vigilant this holiday weekend following further thefts of tools from vehicles and outbuildings in the South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse area.
Most offences have occurred overnight in rural locations, with  incidents, leading upto the holiday weekend, reported in Shillingford, Benson, Nettlebed and Henley. Two mature white males are suspected in some cases, operating late at night and the early hours of the morning. 
For free crime prevention, security and property marking advice please click on the link below which will take you to the Thames Valley Police website:
Please report any suspicious activity to the police as soon as possible on the 24 hour non-emergency telephone number 101 or call 999 for crime in progress. When calling please provide as much information as possible, including the colour, make/model and registration number of suspect vehicles and a description of any persons seen acting suspiciously. 
Alternatively if you have information but wish to remain anonymous, please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online @ crimestoppers-uk.org.

Article created / last edited: 4 April 2015

PC Scams To Avoid!


Following the recent Get Safe Online article you would be wise to also read the attached article on prevalent PC scams and how best to avoid them. Take note,  we hear about such experiences within the villages via the Corner Shop and other sources. The article was written by Bob Nicholson. Do what he says and you should avoid such issues and if you need any help he is one of those 'PC Peope' referred to and can be contacted at:


Article created / last edited: 23 March 2015

Get Safe Online


Did you buy/get a new smart device for Christmas? Have you had one or have had a PC/laptop for a while and need some advice on avoiding scams and ensuring you do not experience potentially harmful electronic viruses? In the next newsletter and on the website we will be giving some guidance, if you need it, on easily avoiding such issues without too much effort. Superfast broadband should  be with us shortly so you should get ready to take advantage of it.
Starting now: did you know that 80% of online crime is easily preventable by taking simple steps to protect computers, smart phones and tablets? Here is a good start: 
Thames Valley Police are working in partnership with Get Safe Online to provide practical advice to help communities protect themselves on the internet. 

The Get Safe Online website covers a wide range of topics and is a good start for parents, businesses, the vulnerable and elderly too. It's a good start! We will be putting the link on the website but no need to wait...just go to:
Visit www.GetSafeOnline.org 

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Hare Coursing


With the introduction of the Hunting Act 2004 in February 2005, all forms of hare coursing are banned in the UK.

Hares are in decline and their destruction is a concern. But with hare coursing there is also associated criminal damage - to fencing and hedging to gain access, and to the land with the indiscriminate use of vehicles. It is also not unusual for hare coursers to intimidate landowners and other users of the land, such as ramblers. 

Hare coursing is a seasonal crime and usually begins as soon as crops are harvested. With an early harvest this year there have already been several reported incidents in South Oxfordshire and Vale of the White Horse. 

How to recognise hare coursing 

Hare coursers tend to travel in groups, usually in 4x4 vehicles (the Subaru is often the vehicle of choice), with dogs, which are generally lurchers. You might see them parked up by a field, gathering in a field, or walking in a line abreast across a field. 

If you believe hare coursing is taking place

  • call the police (999) from a safe location
  • tell them what you have seen
  • give them the location of the incident – try to be as precise as possible using land marks or road junctions
  • say how many people are involved and give a good description, if you can
  • describe any vehicles you have seen
  • if possible, state how many dogs are involved
  • if the suspects leave, try to determine their direction of travel
  • do NOT approach the offenders yourself or put yourself at any risk. 

Article created / last edited: 2 September 2014

Bogus Callers


We have received reports recently of some people posing as planning or building control officers to gain access to people's properties under the pretence they're looking into enforcement issues etc.  When challenged, they’ve said they were from “planning” and left immediately.

Planning officers can often turn up to a site unannounced, especially planning enforcement officers.  However, they will always have photo ID on them, and are always happy to be asked for it and to explain the reason for their visit.  Their identity can also be verified by calling the planning office on 01491 823740 or by contacting the Customer Service Manager Duncan Grainge on 01491 823711 or email: duncan.grainge@southandvale.gov.uk

We would like to ask residents to be extra vigilant about this kind of activity and to ask for ID from anyone who visits unannounced from any organisation. Please report suspicious activity to the Police via the 24 hour non-emergency telephone number 101 or call 999 for crime in progress.

Article created / last edited: 23 August 2014

Advice on aggressive sales approach by 'ex-offenders'


We are sure everyone wishes 'ex-offenders' well as they rehabilitate themselves. In most cases they are respectful when trying to sell items 'door to door' but we have had reports recently from a number of residents experiencing a very aggressive  approach on the door step from such callers. This has included abusive language and forceful suggestions they are given money anyway, when goods are declined.  They have also walked around to the back of some houses when the front door is not answered and made unpleasant approaches to residents. The Council has reported one of these incidences to the local police and they have allocated a ref no: URN367 080814. 
Should you experience such a call, we recommend all residents check any identification offered and call 101 (the local police line) immediately if they act untoward in any way. The police claim they will send someone immediately to intercept them.
Unfortunatley the police are not notified by the relevant charities when and where these house to house calls are being made and it doesn't appear that we can stop them calling.
Shiplake Parish Council 

Article created / last edited: 23 August 2014


It's a scam 


Attention of all Private Hire Companies & Drivers 

Elderly/vulnerable members of the public have been receiving unsolicited telephone calls from fraudsters purporting to be from their bank or police, stating that their systems have spotted a fraudulent payment on their card(s).

The fraudster then gains the person’s trust and seeming to offer assistance will then explain that the bank will need to collect the card(s).

The fraudster will advise the victim to wrap the card(s) in tissue paper or bubble wrap to disguise its appearance in the envelope

The fraudster will then arrange a courier private hire company/mini cab driver to attend the person’s address to collect the card(s).

The courier will then be directed to an address where they will be met by the offender outside of the address and collect the card.

It is vital that private hire companies and their drivers are fully aware of this scam and vigilant when booking or attending this type of fare. In most cases the private hire companies are being used as unsuspecting couriers. However in a few cases in other forces,  the private hire companies /drivers have been compliant and were fully aware of this scam. It is the private hire companies and drivers responsibility to ensure they do not facilitate crime.

Thames Valley Police will thoroughly investigate each case of this type of fraud and will prosecute any private hire company or individual facilitating this crime with being involved in a Conspiracy to Defraud. The advice from Thames Valley Police is if you have the slightest suspicion about a fare of this nature contact the Police immediately by phoning 101 or 999 if it is an emergency.  Do not deliver the package and advise the victim accordingly that this is a scam. 

Article created / last edited: 21 February 2014

New Email Scam


The Business Crime Reduction Centre (BCRC) is warning people about a new email scam that threatens victims with court action.

Fraudsters have been sending out legitimate looking spoofed emails designed to trick recipients into installing malware.
The emails say you have been notified and scheduled to appear for a court hearing, and contains specific dates, times, locations and reference numbers.
It asks you to download a copy of the “court notice” attached. The downloadable.zip file actually contains an .exe file (a file that executes when clicked) containing a virus. 
The email has no connection to the Criminal Justice System and anyone receiving the email should not download any attachments or click any links and report it to us by using our online fraud reporting tool.

Subject headers change frequently

You are likely to see some variations of this email, as it is easy for fraudsters to amend the details and continue targeting people. BCRC’s cyber security specialist said “the email is difficult to block as the subject headers change frequently.”
He also said: “Provoking a panicked, impulse reaction has become a very common scam technique for cyber criminals. Opening the attachment allows the criminal to spy on the victim, use their computer to commit crime, or steal personal and financial information.
For further information please visit the BCRC website. 
Please note that Action Fraud is not responsible for the content of external websites.
To report a fraud and receive a police crime reference number, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use our online fraud reporting tool

Article created / last edited: 13 February 2014