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A brief history

The name Shiplake most likely means 'stream where sheep are washed' (sheeplake) but it has also been suggested that it could be named after the final resting place of a Viking ship (ship loss) as the river was too shallow to navigate above Shiplake.

In the Domesday book(1086) it was part of the 'Binfield Hundred' and the area named as Lysbrook, later Lachebroc (a sluggish stream) and Bolchede, later Bolney. The Lashbrook and Bolney names still exist today in street names.

For more see the History section of the Shiplake Villages Plan Report (large PDF file)

War Memorial Condition Survey


Civic Voice, in partnership with Historic England, Imperial War Museums and War Memorials Trust, is asking for volunteers to carry out condition surveys of their local war memorials.

This will provide an overall picture of the condition of memorials throughout England and enable funding to be directed to those in need of conservation.  Volunteers will also be encouraged to apply to have their local memorials listed, giving them protection for the future.   A series of free workshops is being organised to provide volunteers with all the necessary training, and ongoing support will be provided by Civic Voice and the War Memorials Trust.

A free workshop has been organised at the Wesley Memorial Chapel in Oxford on Tuesday April 28th.

If you are interested in becoming involved see further details here or on the Civic Voice website.

Article created / last edited: 20 May 2015

Wartime B17 Bomber Crash at Shiplake


On November 13th 1943, 71 years ago, the American  Flying Fortress B17 bomber “Sunrise Serenader” crashed in the riverside fields at Shiplake with the tail falling in what is now Hennerton Golf Club. Nine crewmen died and one managed to parachute to safety. Two bombs exploded.

The crash was witnessed by Mary Burge from Shiplake and Jim Waldron from Wargrave whilst cycling to Henley. They were both 14 years old. Relatives of the crew have visited Jim Waldron many times over the years. The nephew of the pilot and family were in Wargrave in June this year.


A memorial to the crew will be unveiled at noon on November 13th 2014 at Hennerton Golf Club overlooking the crash site, by the Rt Hon Theresa May MP in the presence of Brig. General Dieter Bareihs, US Defense Attaché. Mary and Jim will assist with the unveiling. Music will be provide  by the music master and pupils of Shiplake College.

A part of “Sunrise Serenader” was dragged out of the Thames by fishermen in 2003 and this together with other mementoes including some of the survivor’s parachute will be on display at the Golf Club on November 13th.

There will be a three course luncheon at the Golf Club after the unveiling for which limited tickets are available at £30 per person incl. wines.

All are welcome to attend the unveiling without charge whilst lunch tickets are available from: Tony Elliott, 52 Braybrooke Road, Wargrave, RG10 8DT

Contact: Tony Elliott
Email: TonyElliott@talk21.com
Phone: 01189 403701

Article created / last edited: 19 November 2014

Sailing on the Thames in bygone days

Article created / last edited: 23 March 2014

Old Photos of Shiplake Station

  • Station 1905
  • Station 1919
  • Station 1953

Article created / last edited: 13 February 2014